Diogo Silva

I am a final year student pursuing Master's Integrated in Computer and Telematics Engineering
at University of Aveiro where I am working on my dissertation.

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About Me

Diogo Silva is a software developer who likes to work with his hands and his mind.
He still writes every line of code with passion.

I guess that's already enough talking in the third person about myself.

I'm Diogo Silva, a Portuguese student in Computer and Telematics Engineering at the University of Aveiro and I'm an enthusiastic for technology. Every time that I get some free time, I just make sure to spend that time exploring something new. I think it is important to keep up with the technology.

At the moment, I'm working on my dissertation in a group that works as a robotic football team (CAMBADA). My dissertation is about the way that the robots communicate with each other and store the information. There is a system already implemented in the team but the idea is to plan a new one that will be an improvement in terms of time and scalability.

Along with my studies, I have had a research scholarship twice, one in the IEETA (Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro) for one year and the other one in ATNoG (Aveiro Telecommunications and Networking Group) inside of Telecommunications Institute for another year. That gave me the chance of being introduced to the researching area in my campus where I could learn a bit more and get some experience. I do not regret getting involved in those scholarships, since I had the opportunity to interact with professionals of my area and work with them.

As you can see, this is my personal page where you can find some information about me, such as education, experience, my works, contacts, etc. This page was created using a simple framework, Jekyll, that can get the job done without much effort for simple pages like this. You can find the source code related with this page in my GitHub (github.com/dbtdsilva/resume-jekyll), feel free to explore it and even use it.



  • Computer and Telematics Engineering

    Master's Integrated (Bachelor plus Master degree)
    Dissertation - In Progress
    This course aims to offer a solid training in basic sciences and a wide range of options in the technologies of computing, information and telecommunications which have assumed a dominant role. That wide range of options includes computer archicture, telecommunications, computer vision, data analysis, services, security, distributed systems and so on.
  • Advanced C++ Programming

    Master's Integrated (Bachelor plus Master degree)
    Certificate: UC-MSZRK45J
    I have decided to enroll for this course to remember particular details that I have learnt before and improve my knowledge in C++. This course covers template classes, operator overloading, lambda expressions, right references and C++11 features.
  • Machine Learning

    Master's Integrated (Bachelor plus Master degree)
    Certificate: ML76WAD8XY6R
    Machine learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that is getting some popularity. I wanted to explore more about Artificial Intelligence, so I decided to enroll for this course which had some nice reputation (amongst robotic laboratory colleagues). This had become one of my favorite fields after taking the course.
  • Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

    Master's Integrated (Bachelor plus Master degree)
    140 out of 300 ECTS - Incompleted
    After I finished high school, I decided to pursue a broad area as electronic, but after some time I have realized that I was wrong and what I really wanted to do was to discover every small detail about computers. So after the 3rd year in this course, I changed to Computer and Telematics Engineering.


  • Research Scholarship

    ATNoG - Internet of Things
    Instituto de Telecomunicações
    Collecting data from Libelium Waspmotes using a Raspberry with XBee radio to communicate with those motes. After collecting the data, Raspberry publishes it to the server using MQTT protocol. Also implemented a system with AngularJS and Django to display the data (with some alerts using NodeRED).
  • Research Scholarship

    Bioinformatics Group - Image and Voice report
    Instituto de Electrónica e Telecomunicações de Aveiro
    Working on medical image (import raw data) and improved voice recognition (provided by Web Speech API Specification) with a system that allowed to have specific recognition profiles for different doctors.


I have included a list of what I have been doing, such as volunteering, works and competitions in which I have participated.
If you have curiosity to check any of these in more detail, all you have to do is to hover the specific item and open it. You will be able to read a bit more about it. Some of those works are available at my GitHub page (github.com/dbtdsilva).
The items are ordered in chronological order, so you might find my recent works in the top of the list and the older ones at the end of the list.


Maze Solver Robotics


Line Follower Robotics


Mentoring Program (PT-UA)


Security IECDS


GNS3 Cisco ISP


CiberRato Online Project


GNS3 Cisco Company


Database Event Manager


Distributed System


Google Hashcode


Custom Filesystem


Chess OpenGL


MicroRato Robotics




Bison and Flex


Let Me Control Project




Tetris Kinect



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